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Party Like Its 2018 - The Story of Every Night

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hey all, welcome to the first REAL, OFFICIAL Creepy Colin blog post! Here I'm going to talk about what inspires me, and tell the stories of how some of my songs come into existence.

As we find ourselves in a pandemic going into the new year out here in my neck of the woods of Canadia, I find myself reminiscing to better times, before the zombe apocalypse. I look back on all of the fun things I was able to do prior to 2020, while at the same time, staying positive for the future.

One thing I am looking forward to is returning back to, is my favourite animeweeaboo fursuit meetup, that is Yeticon in Collingwood. Yeticon is also the birthplace of one of my favourite songs, Every Night.

The story of how Every Night came to be occurred when I was scrolling through Facebook one day, and I had recently discovered a cosplayer by the name of Leon, who was absolutely KILLING IT in a world that was dominated at the highest level by t*tties, and neko neko ears (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I remember tagging my good friend Dan (who was the inspiration behind one of my other favourite songs I've written, ALSO called Dan) in a post of Leon's doing a Final Fantasy cosplay.

"@Dan, will you be my Iggy?"

I had actually previously attended Yeticon 2017, and for my first con outside of Fan Expo, I had a fantastic time. Naturally, I started making preparations to go to Yeticon 2018, and research what they had planned for the coming year.

And who should I see on the guestlist?

You guessed it.

The man himself.

It seemed as though it was meant to be. Cosplayer I had only recently became a fan of, to be at a CON that I had only recently became aware of. Almost like it was, meant to be. Girlfriend and I made the necessary arrangements, and before we knew it, we were on our way to attend the venue for the weekend.

It was a hot day in June, likely even hotter for my acoustic sitting (not CHILLING, obviously) in the back of the car for our 2 hour road trip. I often bring my acoustic with me to various trips and events to come up with things and keep the callous game strong.

My girlfriend and I planned on staying up at the con venue for the whole 3 days it was going on, and on day 1 I was trying to plan my attack of how this would go down. Whenever I go out to a thing such as this, I try to spice things up by having a mission or 2 in mind for when I go out on adventures. For instance, I was also meeting up with a long distance friend and her crew, so there were a few side quests I had to get finished up outside of meeting my prospective cosplay bro.

We spent most of the first day walking around, checking out cosplay bums, and getting settled in to my room. Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood ON, close to the village. When I first saw the place, I really was pretty astounded at how PERFECT it is for an anime convention. The place LITERALY looks like a town in Final Fantasy XV.

Come day 2, I was close to the main building where conferences and such were hosted, when I saw Leon in his Beach McCree cosplay, surrounded by what I ASSUMED was his entourage. Dudes in black shirts, some pretty well built, and they almost looked like security.

I like to think that I'm confident and good at connecting with others, but I am only human and my brain goes to battle with itself sometimes. What would I say? How would I do it? I threw caution to the wind and-

The conversation went something like this:

"Hey man, good to finally meet you. Been a fan for a while."

"Thanks good to meet you!"

We hugged. The man gives notoriously amazing hugs".

"Are you gonna come to the talk later?"

"Fuckin right I'm comin to the talk later!"

Goddamn, I am awkward. It was a good time. Made it into his Instagra story. The talk he spoke of was the small event he was hosting in one of the conference rooms, to talk about cosplay being his career, fitness, anime, etc.

I was so inspired by our meeting that, later that night,I went back to my hotel room and started writing this:

Which LATER, turned into this!

One of the reasons I'm so proud of this song is because most of the inspiration for my music comes from people. Its not very hard to get inspired, when there are all these people I have met who have really changed my life for the better.

The rest of the con was GREAT SUCCESS. I met up with my other homies, and I made SURE that we would see each other at the next event (whenever that happens).

Thank you Yeticon, and thank you Leon, for just being you dood. A TRUE BRO, AND MY FAVOURITE COSPLAYER!

Maybe I'll see you again in the next life.

But if not, I'm glad we could meet,

In this one!

thx for reading. If you like my music, you can download my song Spencer's Friend for FREE here:

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