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New Music IS Coming!

No fluff, no funny business, no bs...

Let me get RIGHT to the point:


I have been waiting too long to get some REAL tracks to you!

I have songs out in the world, yes, but I have learned now that making videos of myself playing with myself (Bo Burnham/Tyler Cassidy style) is ALOT of fun, however, in the long term I know that it is NOT going to be enough.

As some of you already know, I posted in my previous blog post about what my goals for 2022 were, and one of the most important ones was trying to get out good enough quality songs (for Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, the black market, etc).

So, I decided to enlist the help of my good friend Uri, to create a high quality lyric video, to accompany the official release of my first single: Stick Your Finger (In My Butt)!

This journey hasn't been without its troubles...I had to fire the previous person I had hired, and I was indecisive about where I wanted to go with the look and design of the thing, as I tend to overthink A LOT.

Also, Uri would have likely been able to finish the video by now, but due to the importance of some of his media work that he is doing SPECIFICALLY to help out our brothers and sisters currently fighting for Ukraine, we've had to put a brief pause on the finished product because MUCH MORE important work being put out to help others, absolutely takes priority.

But even with that, and the insane things that are going on in general in the world, I can guarantee that I am still on track to complete my own music goals this year (in terms of getting out a few singles, and eventually, my complete album!)

So thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

I guarantee, I'll be in touch to keep you more updated on the video and the single release in the near future.

Stay safe out there-

Watch out for people who dress like this:


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