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The END OF 2021, and Goals For 2022!



2021 is finally over. I am quite pleased that this is reality, as I imagine that you are as well.

I wanted to take some time to reflect on what went well this year for me and my own music, what went wrong, and what I would like to have done for this coming year.

So firstly, the GOOD:


  • I have a MUCH better idea of my own identity as a singer songwriter, as well as what I think the culture of my music represents

  • I now know how to really sell this idea, in order to better connect with YOU, and others in the future whom I would like to reach out to with my music (Dark Romantic Folk Musical Comedy --- Ville Valo meets Stephen Lynch --- "For the sensitive soul with a little bit of edge!")

  • From here on out, everything will have a much more distinct feel to reflect the idea of the Dark Romantic, and my genre of Dark Romantic Folk Musical Comedy


  • Almost everything associated with the creation of official music releases (outside of playing gay love songs in my undwear, on video) has been very slow due to some difficulties behind the scenes. For instance, I had to fire the lyric video maker I was originally working with. I've also been a tad bit indecisive with the overall art direction I want to take with singles and albums.

  • As much as I love making music like I have been since I was a youngin, I have another internet side business now that is taking up my time, in addition to my full time job as well. What originally started as a way for me to make a bit more money to support music things, it has grown into something that I would eventually like to be my FULL time living, which in the short term, might make time dedicated to music a bit more lacking.

  • The Ontario Covid situation has made many aspects of every day life for me, for various reasons I would rather not get into personally, unbearable.


  • Get Colinoscopy ready and finished up by the end of the year, and have a series of singles released prior to build buzz before hand

  • Get a high quality lyric video as one of these singles

  • Have people sign up for my email list, and offer a variety of super cool high quality freebies through this to keep everyone enticed as well

  • Something that was unbeknownst to me up until about a few months ago, is that there literally is another performer from Italy ALSO named Creepy Colin! I have to get some singles and such out as soon as I can, as even though I have the domain name, I have to do something to claim the artist name asap on sites like Youtube, Spotify, etc. If worst came to worst I would consider changing my stage name, but I've been playing musical comedy as Creepy Colin for many years now, and I'd like to keep things the way that they are.

  • Finally, I think going forward, I'd just like to be...well, me! I originally came up with the name of Creepy Colin as I originally wanted to follow in the footseps of Filthy Frank (Filthy Frank, Creepy Colin, get it?) but as I've gotten older I've realized that even if I keep my goofy stage name, I'd just like to be more "me" if that makes sense. IMO Joji came to this conclusion as well, getting away from his old stage name to do different things with music.

So those are my plans! In terms of the first thing I'm going to get on top of, it will be the lyric video as I have found a new video maker who does great work (and is a bit more reliable).

So have a Happy New Year! And I'll check ya later :).

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